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Hemides - would like to raise the IQ of the room by attrition. PyroDragon - Full Name: Role-playing is acceptable, but only in small doses. He takes initiative, has integrity and character.

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Papale - Self described asshole and maniac chef. Bring your game to our family! Shadowfox - He has self-respect and gives respect to all he feels deserve it. Deadliez - Don't be a blank. If you want to change or add something ask the editor.

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Cum one cum all kongregate
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Stots - Stots is a former moderator. He can be nice if you're nice to him, but can also be a bit of a troll at times. A few things about the site. Even when they weren't around, though, the room was a great place to be. As it was near the top of the list of chat rooms, it was frequented by trolls.

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  1. Anason832 :

    hah! nice work and thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Blotsklingkham53 :

    Asia damn she's fine I woulda voted for her too if I was Italian